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Di Nicholls[2] wished that the Miners Lamp presented to her in 1985 by the Miners of the Treharris Deep Navigation Mine, should be donated to the Newton Abbot & GWR Museum. This is the story beh...

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It was January 1949; war time rationing was still in force, with some foods more strictly rationed than during the war. Bread was rationed during the years 1946 -48, potatoes briefly in 1947, tea unti...

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Honeymooning in Devon in 1947 Paul Maher and his wife Pamela found much to remind them of their native Newfoundland. Here is Paul Maher’s own account of his discovery of The Newfoundland Hotel [1]. ‘...

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    David Bowen, a local Postcard Collector and Museum Talk contributor, acquired this postcard which purported to be in Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot. And yet, extensive research of...

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The early 20th Century was period before the internet and TV, jobs were hard to find, many lived in inadequate housing, sometimes without running water or electricity and money was short. Pleasures ...